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About Me

Dinesh Dagar is a rare talent in the world of yoga. He did a BSC in yoga at S Vyasa Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandan Sansthan in Bangalore.

All of 25 he has read the master source of all yoga patanjali in its authentic form in Sanskrit. He has also acquired yoga skills and wisdom from several renowned masters. Having a strong foundation in the roots of yoga he has been able to adopt and adapt best practices from all these variations of yoga to create unique yoga and mediation routines. He has used his deep understanding of the ancient wisdom and applied it to the most common ailment of our times - Lifestyle diseases. Mixing a variety of postures, styles and breathing techniques Dinesh has created routines to deal with specific problems like obesity, post pregnancy tummy, back pain, frozen shoulder, breathing difficulty. His most recent feat has been to build a six pack through the exclusive use of yoga postures. This was featured on the cover of Men's Health Magazine.