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Group Classes

Dinesh Dagar's Yoga Tranceform in a group class is the best way to get the benefits (link to benefits below) of this unique form of yoga and the energy of a group working towards a common goal. Group classes consist of about ten people and are held four times a week.

Many people find doing a class keeps them motivated and they can do the routine more effectively. Once you meet other people in the class they become your exercise buddies and keep you more regular.

The routines are different daily to keep the energy and interest levels high and work on different body parts. Daily the session ends with some relaxation technique-- breathing, partner stretching or chanting. Through the week every body part is worked out and the mind is relaxed.

The Unique Form

After experimenting with several routines for many years Dinesh Dagar has found the perfect set of postures done in a specific order and at a particular speed to give maximum results which is at the heart of Yoga TranceForm. To put it simply it has two unique features:

  • Like trance music this form of yoga has an underlying rhythm with a constantly changing pace.
  • The other unique feature of Yoga TranceForm is it combines the benefits and techniques of cardio vascular exercises, interval training and yoga to deliver amazing results.

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5 Benefits of Yoga TranceForm

  • Find the underlying rhythm of your subtle body. Build awareness.
  • Harmonize the physical and the subtle body. Be at peace.
  • Tap into vinyasa the energy within and around you. Feel the energy.
  • Look good from outside and feel good from inside.
  • Find the new you.

If you think you would like a customized program suited to your time and place then try our personal training program for the most focused and fast results.

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