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Personal Training

There is no better and faster way to get the benefits and results of Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm than a personal training program with him. The program is focused on you and your goals. The timing and place is based on your convenience. A regular program helps you stay on track and minimize excuses for missing classes. If you want to transform there is nothing better than a private Yoga Tranceform Program

Typical one hour session

The sessions consist of a one hour program designed to address your specific issues from weight loss to stiffness to weak back. Each session includes a therapeutic yoga stretch to ensure that the worked out muscles are properly relaxed and don't ache later. Sessions may or may not include breathing daily depending on your state of mind. Every session is different and no single routine is the same. Every day the body and mind is challenged in new ways to keep you interested and focused. Though trance music is recommended it can be changed to suit your tastes.

How to start?

The first session is more consultative where Dinesh and his team asses your requirements. Level of fitness and state of mind. Your goals are discussed in detail and recorded. Targets are jointly decided. No result is possible without clearly defined goal posts. Then the TranceForm team goes away and works out a program based on these inputs. Your progress is tracked regularly. For effective results classes three times a week are recommended. Depending on your need for example if it is just for relaxation and breathing even once a week maybe enough. On the other hand for drastic weight loss in a short time a six day a week program maybe needed.

Benefits of Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm

The philosophy simply is that looking good must be because you are feeling good. Yoga TranceForm is about feeling good first which is reflected in glowing skin, shiny hair, bright eyes, toned body and a peaceful mind.

The Unique Form

After experimenting with several routines for many years Dinesh Dagar has found the perfect set of postures done in a specific order and at a particular speed to give maximum results which is at the heart of Yoga TranceForm. To put it simply it has two unique features.

  • Like trance music this form of yoga has an underlying rhythm with a constantly changing pace.
  • The other unique feature of Yoga TranceForm is it combines the benefits and techniques of cardio vascular exercises, interval training and yoga to deliver amazing results.

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5 Benefits of Yoga TranceForm

  • Find the underlying rhythm of your subtle body. Build awareness.
  • Harmonize the physical and the subtle body. Be at peace.
  • Tap into vinyasa the energy within and around you. Feel the energy.
  • Look good from outside and feel good from inside.
  • Find the new you.

So whether you are looking for something to just keep fit and look good or something deeper this form of yoga is the way to find the new you. And there is no better day than today to start because today is the first day of the rest of your life. If you think personal training is not for you, you can always try out a group class. And can upgrade to personal training later.