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How to Get Your Teenage Waist Back

How often have you looked at your wedding picture and thought “I really wish I could look like that again?” Do you think it’s impossible to get your teenage waist back? Do you think it’s too late to change your habits?
Is there really a way to get there?
Yes to all above the questions!  If practice yoga regularly it is very possible to reverse your age and regain your teenage waist.
Why does the abdominal become thickened by middle age?

  • Due to lack of exercise.
  • Over eating, if you overeat and don`t do exercise regularly you do not burn the fat that is in your food for exercise, so it gets stored in the body as fat.
  • Eating at the wrong time. If you eat late in the night and go to sleep the body will convert the food to fat.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy the abdomen gets stretched immensely. These muscles will regain shape afterwards if you resume exercise fast and if you don’t gain more than 9kgs.
  • Women often gain excess weight during pregnancy which must immediately be shed after delivery it tends to be stubborn and stick on.
  • One of the most common issues after pregnancy women have is that their waist just is not as small as it used to be. They just want to get back into their normal clothes and while the rest of their body seems to be getting back to normal, the waist just doesn’t seem to be doing the same..
  • Most of the weight gain happens in this region. These muscle become very weak due to over stretching. It’s very important to resume work on this area as soon as possible.

Try these simple postures below and see the fantastic results in three weeks only:
Before you begin this practice make sure you do a warm-up as this prepares the body for this tough work. Gently jog at one spot. Move your neck shoulders and arms and shake up the muscles for ten minutes.

Tiryaka Tadasana

  • Stand with the feet about 2 feet apart.
  • Intorlock the fingers, inhale and raise the arms over the head.
  • While exhaling, bend to the right side from the waist.
  • Don`t bend forward or backward or twist the  waist.
  • Inhale and slowly come to the upright position.
  • Repeat on the right side.
  • Practise atleast 8 to 10 rounds.

Trikonasana Variation

  • Stand erect with the feet about a metre apart.
  • Inhale strech the arms sideways at the shoulder level.
  • Exhale, bend to the right side, don’t lean forward.
  • Now stretch the left arm over the head and slowly stretch your right arm forward straight in front of you.
  • Hold this posture for 10 seconds now move your body up and down 10 times.
  • Repeat on the other side also.

Parighasana Variation

  • Stand on the knees.
  • Stretch the right leg sideways to the right, keeping it in line with the left knee.
  • Inhale interlock your fingers behind the neck.
  • Exhale bend to the right side, and  push your hips forward.
  • Make sure that the head and face should be forward.
  • On the same side move your upper body up and down 20 times.
  • Repeat the pose on the other side also.

Parivritti Janu sirshasana

  • Sit with the legs about a metre apart.
  • Bend the left knee and place the heel against the perineum.
  • Inhale raise your left arm up and bend towards your right leg.
  • Hold your right foot with the right hand and stretch the left arm over the head.
  • Hold the pose for a comfortable length of time.
  • Repet the movement on the other side.

Naukasana Variation

  • Lie down on the mat.
  • Interlok your fingers behind the neck and lift your neck and shoulder off the mat.
  • Inhale raise your legs up 45 degrees.
  • Bend your left knee and touch your right elbow with the left knee.
  • Now touch your left elbow with the right knee and left leg straght.
  • Move alternately on both the sides 20 times little fast.


  • Abdominal muscles are most difficult to get into shape because often these muscles are overstretched and loose their elasticity.You have to be patient with yourself to get results.
  • By training your oblique muscles you will get better results. These muscles pull in the abdomen.
  • Strengthening of lower back is very important as abdominal excercises put lot of pressure on the lower back. Those with lower back problems consult a yoga expert before trying these by yourself!
  • Avoid fatty food. What you eat shows on your body, so if you want that waist, avoid butter and ghee.
  • Eat before 8.
  • The days you have a heavy lunch avoid dinner, you can have soup instead.