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Weight Loss

Dinesh Dagar is a weight lost expert. He has had roaring success with his cleinst in private as well as group classes. He himself is the winner of Men's Health six pack in six weeks challenge. If you are looking for drastic weight loss there is no better form of exercise than Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm. This is tried tested and guaranteed.

Why because losing weight hard and keeping is off harder. This form of yoga works toward a permanent life change.

Here is how it works

Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm is about bringing complete transformation in your life. Transformation of this scale is only possible when the physical (Anmay khosha physical body) and the subtle body (Pranayam khosha life force) are in harmony. By using techniques and routines from the ancient knowledge base of Patanjali and combining it with soul searching trance music, Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm takes the body into a state of meditative trance where the outer body connects with the inner pranic body and life changing transformation is brought about.

It's only by stringing specific postures together and performing them at varying speeds that you can tap into vinyasa the energy within and around us. Using this energy to bring about change is the key to Yoga TranceForm. Whether it's drastic weight loss, peace of mind or complete bliss ananda. Only when all our dimensions are at peace is the body most receptive to positive suggestions. And Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm aims to bring us into this dimension.

The Unique Form

After experimenting with several routines for many years Dinesh Dagar has found the perfect set of postures done in a specific order and at a particular speed to give maximum results which is at the heart of Yoga TranceForm. To put it simply it has two unique features.

  • Like trance music this form of yoga has an underlying rhythm with a constantly changing pace.
  • The other unique feature of Yoga TranceForm is it combines the benefits and techniques of cardio vascular exercises, interval training and yoga to deliver amazing results.

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5 Benefits of Yoga TranceForm

  • Find the underlying rhythm of your subtle body. Build awareness.
  • Harmonize the physical and the subtle body. Be at peace.
  • Tap into vinyasa the energy within and around you. Feel the energy.
  • Look good from outside and feel good from inside.
  • Find the new you.

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