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Yoga Tranceform

The Philosophy

Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm is about bringing complete transformation in your life. Transformation of this scale is only possible when the physical (Anmay khosha physical body) and the subtle body (Pranayam khosha life force) are in harmony. By using techniques and routines from the ancient knowledge base of Patanjali and combining it with soul searching trance music, Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm takes the body into a state of meditative trance where the outer body connects with the inner pranic body and life changing transformation is brought about.

It's only by stringing specific postures together and performing them at varying speeds that you can tap into vinyasa the energy within and around us. Using this energy to bring about change is the key to Yoga TranceForm. Whether it's drastic weight loss, peace of mind or complete bliss ananda. Only when all our dimensions are at peace is the body most receptive to positive suggestions. And Dinesh Dagar's Yoga TranceForm aims to bring us into this dimension.

The Beginning

After working with several yoga gurus and observing their techniques at close quarters Dagar found that the ancient wisdom of yoga could give faster results when combined with modern techniques. A slight updating of the routines was needed to counter the lifestyle diseases facing the city dwellers today. Thus was born Yoga TranceForm. Dagar realized that more often than not urbanites worked out hard in the gym and this gave them well toned bodies or weight loss but at the cost of inner well being signs of which are dull skin, hair loss, low energy. Dagar believes that benefits in the external body must mirror those in the inner body. The philosophy simply is that looking good must be because you are feeling good. Yoga TranceForm is about feeling good first which is reflected in glowing skin, shiny hair, bright eyes, toned body and a peaceful mind.

The Unique Form

He experimented with several routines for many years to find the perfect set of postures done in a specific order and at a particular speed to give maximum results which is at the heart of Yoga TranceForm. To put it simply it has two unique features:

  • Like trance music this form of yoga has an underlying rhythm with a constantly changing pace. This technique of constantly changing the pace of the asanas or postures in tune with the music does not allow the body or mind to drift and enforces awareness. Mind focus on the body part while it is being worked multiplies and accelerates the impact of the exercise. It also allows those seeking transformation to make positive suggestions to the body and mind when it is at its most receptive.
  • The other unique feature of Yoga TranceForm is it combines the benefits and techniques of cardio vascular exercises, interval training and yoga to deliver amazing results. It's only by combining modern and ancient techniques you can work on the physical and the subtle body simultaneously. The postures have to be done in a specific sequence and at specific speeds. This way of working on the different layers of the body (Anmay Khosha physical body; Pranayam Khosha life force; Manomay Khosha mental body; Vijanya Khosha awareness body; Anandmay Khosha super consciousness) gives you great external form but also an inner sense of well being.

So whether you are looking for something to just keep fit and look good or something deeper this form of yoga is the way to find the new you. And there is no better day than today to start because today is the first day of the rest of your life.